Random Mumma Thoughts Thursday #2

16 Sep

Welcome to another Thursday. Let’s peek inside The Little Mumma’s brain again, shall we?

 –         Tissues are not a good substitute for a breast pad

–         Neither are napkins from McDonalds

–         Jesus Christ, why do I have so many McDonalds napkins?

–         Turn around, Little Mumma, you’re sitting on a clue

–         If the majority of primary caregivers who stay at home with their kids are women, why is the eye candy on children’s television so totally skewed to men? Female presenters/characters are invariably pretty while the male equivalent is gay / goofy / cuddly.

–         Matt Passmore – excellent exception to the above

–         Unless he’s gay

–         What am I worried about? I have Jason Stackhouse now – and I am certain he will get me over the line on many a headachy night to come

–         Television that appeals to infants is the same kind of television that appeals to people on an acid trip

–         Mmmm, Jason Stackhouse…..

–         When someone yells at you while you’re breastfeeding your baby, “I’m a baby! I need boobs!” just be grateful the jealous outburst came from your 3 year old and not your husband

–         My man and I used to go out to dinner. At restaurants. Sometimes on a Wednesday!

–         B once said, “LD, you’re going crazy. I think it’s because you’re nude” – and he was right. Kids go batshit crazy when they have no pants on

–         Oh Jason……..


2 Responses to “Random Mumma Thoughts Thursday #2”

  1. Jane September 16, 2010 at 11:50 am #

    HAHAHA love your work Angie and agree on all levels…… OH DEAR at the booby comment only a male child would say that 🙂 !!!

    • Angie aka The Little Mumma September 16, 2010 at 11:55 am #

      He’s never gotten over the boob…..I feel for his future partners…. 🙂

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