Random Mumma Thoughts Thursday #3

23 Sep

The Little Mumma made some fool comment about cooking dinner and writing tonight’s post simultaneously…..likened myself to Superwoman, I recall. That’ll learn me! I’m too tired to think let alone do anything super. So lets sift through these very slim pickings and be underwhelmed together, shall we?

– I will never understand why children and babies resist sleep. I would give anything, ANYTHING, for someone to order me to have a nap

– Having kids doesn’t kill your dreams. It buries them alive. With a mobile phone. That keeps sending you text messages like, “Hellooooo! I’m still in here! You haven’t forgotten about me, have you?”

– After I finish this, I’m eating the last chocolate fondant.

– The end.

– No, that’s a bit silly.

– Sooo, ummmmmmm…

– Can’t think of anything but fondanty goodness….

– Sometimes I am all reason and calm, other times I am just moments away from cramming a kid in the microwave. So yes, I admit my parenting is inconsistent. But when you find a consistent baby or 3 year old, please let me know.

– Note to LD: If your new thing is ‘painting’ with your own saliva, then my new thing is selling you on Ebay.

– I am normally very disapproving of jumping from the back of the couch and landing (narrowly) onto the cushioned seat below but when it’s preceded by “To infinity and beyond!” it’s just so gosh, darn CUTE!

– Cacophony: when both your kids are sick and coughing in duet

– Annoying: when your husband joins in

– Chocolate Fondant: the reason The Little Mumma has nothing more to say

Ooooh yeah!


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