4 Nov

My random thoughts are these:

– I’m tired and I wish I never joined the freakin’ gym

– I can’t believe my food-avoiding son ate 7 McDonalds nuggets today

– I can’t believe how excited I am that my food-avoiding son now eats nuggets and not just the fries

– *Sob* My little guy is really growing up

– What’s next? Cheese? Or something really exotic like, meat?

– Mmmm, cheese and meat……….

– Damn you gym assessment for making it clear to me I need to lay off the cheese and meat

– The cokes I had today totally don’t count because they were the watered down type from Maccas

– The can of coke I’m sipping now probably counts

– The Little Mumma has had an AWESOME day today

– And The Little Mumma has MamaBake to thank for it

– I’ve been meaning to post about MamaBake for some time but how to do it now without looking like a back scratching exercise?

– Who cares? My next Favourite Things list will feature MamaBake

– I have to be at the gym (again!) in about 12 hours

– Fuckin’ gym

– Fuckin’ cheese and meat

– Mmmm, cheese and meat……


Nighty night.





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