RMTT #11

18 Nov

It’s Random Mumma Thoughts Thursday once again. The eleventh since I dreamed the idea up. And the reason I dreamed it up was because I needed a way to ensure that no matter how bad the week had been, The Little Mumma would write something. And stringing together a few non-cohesive thoughts of utter randomness was the only way I knew to be sure I could stick to it.

That was then. Now, the idea of writing consumes me. Some people think in Twitter or Facebook statuses – I think in blog entries. I am itching to get all these ideas out of my head. But to write as much as I would like to would require me to neglect the very lifeblood of The Little Mumma – and that is The Little Mumma’s little peeps. My loves, LD and Zee. Without those beautiful little bastards, The Little Mumma could not be.

So it’s a balance. And I wonder, I truly wonder how any of us manage any kind of equilibrium in this crazy existence that is being someones parent. But that’s a whole other blog – I know this because I’ve already made the notes.

But tonight is about randomness. So let’s fish around in this ‘Department Store On Christmas Eve’ brain of mine…..

– Sick kids aren’t guaranteed to lie quietly on the couch all day. Which is fucking BULLSHIT. Hey champs, you’ve probably got pneumonia. Take a load off!

– Pneumonia is less funny when you’ve spent half a day in a hospital emergency ward because your eleven-month-old is suspected of having it

– When it turns out your kid doesn’t have pneumonia, yes, you’re relieved but you’re also kind of pissed you spent the whole day in hospital for a bad cough

– A hospital emergency ward is no place for a three-year-old

– Repeat: DON’T take your three-year-old to a hospital emergency ward. It’s not a good hang

– Trying to catch your baby’s pee in a jar will make you insane

– You know I held that fucking specimen jar for over an hour and you also know when that kid finally peed I jumped and spilled the lot

– Oh and you know this was still at the hospital, right? I don’t just collect my kid’s piss for fun….

– I just joined the gym. Why do I feel like a heifer today?

– Shit, my gym membership! Well, I can’t go tonight. My kid almost had pneumonia!

– One of these days, I’m really going to get my shit together. And then, the world better just watch out!

Random Confession: I am a self-taken photo WHORE.


What happens when the baby sleeps for a really long time. Circa 2008 (aka The Good Old Days - no-one sleeps for a really long time anymore)


Random Begging: If you like reading The Little Mumma, would you mind sparing a wee moment to click on this link and then once again on the page it takes you to. I don’t win anything – it just helps keep this little blog ranked and hopefully inspires others to come and take a look. Thank you, thank you!


2 Responses to “RMTT #11”

  1. carol townsend November 19, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    this must have happened after the Christening, OMG joy one day, misery the next, I noticed at the Church that a few of the children were coughing but just didn’t realise how serious it was. Stay strong ‘Little Mumma’ xx

    • Angie aka The Little Mumma November 19, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

      Thanks Carol 🙂

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