Fed Up

17 Jan

There’s a stereotype that says that Jewish mothers are constantly overfeeding their children. Greek and Italian mothers have an almost identical stereotype.

But I submit that all mothers are food pushers.

When my kids eat, I lose my mind with happiness.

Zee is one year old and a few months back, the sight of him gnawing away at a lamb chop almost reduced me to tears.

LD is three and a half and weighs approximately two and half kilos more than his infant brother. Today he ate a mouthful of Weetbix and milk, three dry Cruskits and a banana chip. I worry constantly about his tiny appetite.

And I am disturbingly envious of how skinny his thighs are.

But I digress.

Food. I love when my kids eat it.

Maybe it will be like sleep though – when they’re teenagers I’ll complain they have far too much of it.

But for now, if my kids aren’t sleeping, I’d like them eating.

On a warm spring day last November, B and I sliced up a watermelon and together, the family M-G sat around and ate it. All four of us. And it just filled me up with joy. Ridiculous, quick-I’d-better-get-the-camera joy.

Yes, it’s the simple things.

Except the things that used to be simple and are not so simple anymore.

Oh, dining out! How I miss thee….

Oh, eating my dinner warm and without interruption! We had some good times, you and I…..

Oh, chicken parma and pot at the pub! We’ll be together again soon. Wait for me, won’t you?

Dining out is a trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru.

But at least it’s a night off from cooking.

Glass half full, people. Glass half full.

4 Responses to “Fed Up”

  1. Belle January 18, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    I totally feel you on this one sweets, I lost my tiny mind with happiness the other nite when every single one of us sat down to sausages & mash (yes, including Benny!!)!!! What, no 3 different meals?!! Was pure heaven!!! Try not to stress too much about LD’s appetite babe, I’m sure I’ve mentioned to you my lil sis only ate honey sandwiches for 2 years of her life, she now has one of the most wide & varied appetits of us all! xo

    • Angie aka The Little Mumma January 18, 2011 at 10:25 am #

      Oh, Belle! One meal for all? The very definition of heaven!

      Honey sandwiches! Excellent. My mum says with me it was yoghurt. I was fussy right into my early twenties – still am a bit but a lot more adventurous than before. I’m not sure I can cope with LD being that fussy for that long.

      But seriously, he has the best thighs……

  2. MJ January 18, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    We are sooo in the same boat on this one. The fussy older one, the awesome-eating little one… she makes my heart sing – she does – when I watch her try anything coming her way, and with gusto. It’s such a new feeling after all the mealtime battles with her big sis.

    However, I really can’t bitch and moan too much about the older one. I know it’s cosmic karma for what I inflicted on my own parents. I have very clear memories of eating little besides baked beans or meat pies for tea for a long time. This is possibly why I can barely stomach them these days…

    • Angie aka The Little Mumma January 19, 2011 at 7:47 am #

      Yes, I have come to understand that LD is me and thusly, I am wise not to tell my tales of woe to my mother – she will only laugh at me!

      But how good is a baby who goes hammer and tong at their food? Oh, it’s a joy!

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