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RMTT #16/ Friday Faves Christmas Combo!

24 Dec

Last night, Aunty Tor, a Family M-G fave, stopped by for a glass (or three) of Christmas cheer. We drank pink bubbles, exchanged gifts and drank more pink bubbles and then we laughed at YouTube clips of people being completely embarrassing or completely talented. It was ace.

But it meant Random Mumma Thoughts did not happen. It’s a busy time of year and maybe you didn’t even notice. But I’m choosing to believe that you did notice, that last night just wasn’t the same without RMTT.

And then, of course, today, I needed to write a Friday Faves.

Christmas Eve, huh? Yeah, I don’t have time for all this writing pressure.

So here’s my ingenious plan. I’ve rolled the two into one fabulous Christmas Combo!

Firstly, a Christmassy RMTT #16

–         Yesterday, I turned the house upside down looking for a card I had written for Aunty Tor some weeks earlier. I mean, I turned the place UPSIDE DOWN. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was so, so fucking annoyed. It had been on my writing desk, in the same spot, for WEEKS! And now, GONE! It wasn’t until I was through my first glass of pink bubbles that I started to get over my frustration. Today, I find it. I find the card sitting on top of my computer. And I just feel very strongly that I checked there. THREE TIMES. If the card had a throat, I would definitely have punched it.

–         I have not wrapped the presents yet. And B has to put up the trampoline tonight. Relaxing Christmas Eve? Sure, why not? It’ll be fun. I love wrapping presents and B is a gun at putting things together….. We may need beer.

–         The reason I haven’t wrapped the presents which I have had sitting in my cupboard since approximately August is because….I can’t remember. But tonight seems as good a time as any.

–         The reason B hasn’t put up the trampoline yet is because it’s big and I felt the kids might get suspicious about the big fucking trampoline in the back yard.

–         This Christmas, the M-Gs are celebrating with four people and four people only. That’s right. We have forsaken all others and are just doing our own little family Christmas. We love our extended families, of course we do, but holy relaxation, it’ll be nice not to have to go anywhere or see anyone.

–         Downside – I have to cook.

–         Upside – I can reserve the crunchiest roasted potatoes for myself.

–         Threatening that Santa won’t bring presents as a way of ensuring good behaviour is a dismal failure. It’s a hollow threat. I know it and my three-and-a-half-year-old sure as hell knows it. What are we going to do? Cancel Christmas? Missing out on watching the kids open the obscene amount of presents ‘Santa’ brought them would just ruin our day. But even so, we pushed the ‘No Santa’ line right up until LD’s bedtime. He was breaking new naughtiness records all day long in what can only be viewed as a big ‘FUCK YOU!’ to the fat guy but I think the Santa thing did get LD (LittleDemon) to sleep more quickly than usual.

–         Zee has been an angel and I’m tempted to give him all of LD’s presents.

–         No matter how bad my day was or how heinous my children’s behaviour has been, watching them drift into slumber just about stops my heart. It is a gift. That moment is a gift. And it never gets old.

–         I love Christmas carols. No, really, I love them. I’m listening to Sinatra sing the classics as I type.

–         I love Christmas. I really do.

–         My Christmas tree is already dead. It’s been dead for a least a week. It’s so dry the needles just crumble to dust if you touch them. What a rip.

–         I think I might buy a big fuck-off plastic tree at the Boxing Day sales.

–         What is it about Christmas and just being compelled to eat shit constantly? I am a walking box of chocolates right now.

–         And also, some chilli flavoured potato chips… 

–         The gym is closed for the next four days.

–         NOT. MY. FAULT.

And now, onto Friday Faves. And at this time of maximumly extreme consumerism, I’m not going to show you any ‘stuff’ – the last thing any of us needs is to look at more things we could possibly buy.

Instead, I want to share a favourite Christmas photo.

It’s me, circa…I don’t know, maybe 1985? It makes me laugh. And it takes me right there. Our family Christmases were epic. At least, I thought so. My parents – namely, my mum – put on an awesome Christmas show.

I would so love to recreate that magic for my own family.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Be safe and if necessary, be drunk.

The Little Mumma loves you! 

See you in a couple of days.

Friday Faves – The one about the rocking chair

17 Dec

This is my rocking chair.

It lives in Zee’s room and is used for nursing my baby off to the land of nod. My mum, Betty, bought it for me while I was pregnant with Zee. After LD’s babyhood, I discovered it was the one thing I felt I should have purchased from the beginning. I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time in that chair so I needed it to be super-ultra-comfy. And not the usual ugly as sin nursing chairs I’d seen previously. Black pleather? Oh yes, a perfect addition to the typical nursery decor.

So, we found this one. My rocking chair. The rockingest chair of all.

I love it. But I lament a simpler time for my rocking chair and I.

Betty made the purchase a few months out from Zee’s birth. B set it up in our bedroom which is where little baby would be sleeping in the early days.

We had just moved into a new house. There was that smell. New. Nobody else’s DNA to corrupt it. My germ-phobic self was in heaven.

Winter had come and gone. The spring days dawned crisply. Perfect weather for fat pregnants like myself.

Zee was safely tucked up under my heart and LD still took naps. Both were infinitely more manageable back then. And lovable. Correlation between how much I love my children and how much they sleep? Strong. Very strong.

I remember the time so fondly.

It was to be the calm before the storm.

So I am wistful about my rocking chair and the peaceful times we shared. While LD napped, I would sit in my chair, feet up, rocking and reading. In particular, I read two books that my mother had loaned me. They had been sitting on my bookshelf for at least a year and I was delighted to be making a dent in the veritable shitload of books that had been stacking up.

The first was The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

The second was The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

The first intrigued me, I assumed I would like it, and I certainly did.

The second was probably on my bookshelf for more than two years. I did not want to read it. I did not expect to like it. I absolutely, wildly, LOVED it. It will go down as one of my all time favourite books. Oh man, it was good.

I will always remember discovering this magical book while rocking in my very favourite chair.

And so, I breastfeed my pinching, eyelash grabbing, totally-worn-out-his-boobing-welcome baby son in my beloved chair and dream of a time when we can be alone together again.

Some day, I will have a room. A room with my writing desk,  a wall of books and a big bay window that the sunshine streams through. And the chair. And I’ll read in it just whenever I please.

Friday Faves

10 Dec

1. My friend, Sugar

Photo brilliance by Ally & Lea

She is most definitely one of the sweetest people on the planet. And she and her equally sweet little family are about to move into their dream home. They have worked ever so hard to get to today and no-one better deserves it.

2. Charlie Bird Clothing

I recently bought four ahhh-mazing dresses from Charlie Bird after I stumbled across them on Made It. They were having a sale and I picked up some crazy bargains. No, I don’t have daughters but I know people who do….and I will gift these dresses to some of the sweet little girls I know….but maybe I’ll pop one away in the glory box, just in case….


3. This swimsuit

Click here for photo source

I think The Little Mumma’s little curves could rock this 50’s pin-up inspired number. And my knockers would look HEEEAPS better in it, too. Just sayin’…..


4. Oooh, and this one. Plus, check the hot sleeves on this little lady!

Photo courtesy of

This online store is ADORABLE. I want one of everything. Alas, all my clothes must adhere to the rule “Easy access for boobing” – *sigh*. Bet Miss Pretty Sleeves with Lovely Bottom doesn’t have these kinds of problems….


5. Stevie Young Photography

Our dear friend, Stevie, took a whole bunch of incredible shots at Zee’s baptism. For this, we owe him. He did it for nix but we can’t leave it at that. So, he can expect something, sometime.  In the meantime, you should check out his new website. He’s clever.


6. These guys 

Always these guys…

If The Little Mumma is one of your Friday Faves, please vote below. One click is all it takes!

Have a great weekend.

Friday Faves – Just the one

3 Dec

This photo.

LD and his best girl, PC.

Taken during Zee’s christening service.

They were underwhelmed by the Baptismal proceedings but apparently, quite intrigued by The Last Supper.

Suffice it to say, we have plans for the wedding…….

Friday Faves

26 Nov

A new regular feature – which puts the fear of god in me because making something a ‘regular feature’ means I kind of have to do it…regularly. The pressure is on. But I think I can take it.

1. mumiandbubi Solids Starter Kit

Lately, Zee is doing everything in his power to shake off the baby tag. His battle for independence extends to feeding time and so, less and less, I get to feed him my homemade purees. But at the beginning of the solids journey, these amazing freezer trays by mumi&bubi were a godsend. Recommended to me by a dear friend, The Ladybird, they made the task of freezing and storing portions of  homemade baby food so easy. And added to that, the kit comes with a recipe book which does all the hard work for you, suggesting purees and required quantities. I made mushroom puree for Zee! I would never have thought to do that with LD. He was all pumpkin and carrot, apple and pear. Good stuff but not particularly adventurous. I think I’m paying for that now with LD’s very limited diet. Anyhoo, the point is the trays are ace – and free of nasties like BPA and PVC.


2. Rascals and Ragamuffins

We had Zee baptised two Sundays back. I was on the lookout for plain white cotton pants. Of course, I couldn’t find a thing in the stores so I headed to I didn’t find what I was looking for but I stumbled across some seriously cute pants which naturally, I had to buy anyway. While I was at it, I sent the seller an email with a custom order request for the white pants. Julie at Rascals and Ragamuffins was incredibly helpful and in less than two weeks, my little parcel of pants arrived. FIVE pairs. The white ones I had been searching for originally……… and the other four pairs I just had to have! Beautifully finished quality pieces that are unique and amazingly priced. Oh, how I love to stumble upon such finds. Handmade is just nice, don’t you think? And the lovely Julie wants to give away some of her gorgeous clothes to two lucky readers – competition announced Monday!

If I had a daughter, she would definitely be wearing this.

3. Crust Pizza

I have decided it is worth paying more for premium pizza. And this is some good shit. New store just opened in my ‘hood. Radical!


4. Destination Weddings

B and I are not married. It was by design. As in, we got engaged and then started the baby-making with plans to marry later when we had some spare dough. Ha! We were crazy dreamers, man. But seriously, time ticks by and we just want to be Mr&Mrs so bad. But what with the event planning anxiety of late, I’m starting to think eloping is the way to go. And B is all for that. We’re thinking warm, we’re thinking tropical resort, we’re thinking little chapel by the sea.

Ooooh yes, I do!


Photo Credit: Norina Jane at Whitsunday Photographers



5. MamaBake

Best little revolution ever. Mummas get together and each one cooks a big batch recipe. Everyone goes home with servings of each for the fam. At least a few nights meals sorted in an afternoon. I’d probably have a little sippy sip of somethin’ somethin’ as I cooked! Now, to rally together my own little group of Mamabakers…..


6. Birthday Boy

Happy 1st Birthday, my tiny love. Any time you want to grow some hair, you have my full and unwavering support. I love you, beautiful boy.