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Sweet Wednesday

20 Oct

In Blogland, it appears there is a thing called ‘Wordless Wednesday’ and bloggers will generally post a photo and presumably, let it do the talking. I like the concept but it seems that in writing, as in life, I’m a complete Blah Blah addict and therefore, can’t imagine letting the photo do ALL the talking. Even though I fully agree that a picture says a thousand words, I still need to have the last one!

So then, I propose “Not as many words Wednesday” – although that might be a challenge in itself. Brevity has never been my ‘thing’.

This Wednesday, I want to share something with you. With LD at daycare, Zee and I love just hanging. Normally, I have a zillion things I want/need to get done in those blissful hours when I have only  50% of my children to wrangle. But I do try to spend some time just hanging with my littlest one. So today was a particularly good day. Zee played happily – unfettered, free of an older brother who becomes the puppet master, determined to control his baby brother’s every move – and I not only had dinner prepared well in advance of my usual 5pm panic but also had time to make a little something sweet. And sweet it is! So I’m sharing. Passing it on as it was passed on to me by my sweeter than sweet friend, The Ladybird.

Please enjoy the Tim Tam Cookie Pop! And if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do that very same thing. I have a date with B, Sookie and a little Pop o’ Cookie!

Can't write, eating......


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